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Elkton Recycling is the cleanest scrap yard in the Chesapeake Bay area!  We keep our yard clean and organized, to help prevent any runoff.  We are committed to keeping the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding areas clean from dumping and pollution.

Elkton Recycling can help you and the environment by recycling your scrap steel, iron, copper, lead piping, batteries, even farm equipment. By recycling instead of junking your scrap metal, you not only help reduce the impact on the environment from junk yards and precious metal mining, you put some extra cash in your pocket!

As both cities and rural areas undergo urban development, there is an increasing volume of valuable metal scrap that needs to be processed and ultimately made into new steel products. Elkton Recycling can help make sure the scrap from Commercial and Residential Demolition is processed in a clean, environmentally friendly way.

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